The Ethicon Enseal X1 devices are a series of bipolar devices. There are 3 on the market right now (written May 2022), the large jaw device with a 12mm shaft for open surgery, and two smaller devices with 5mm shafts for laparoscopic surgery.
While interning at Ethicon in 2013/2014, I worked on concepts for both of the two handle sizes. I CAD modeled many iterations, and 3D printed many models with spring loaded moving parts to test different lever/button/control configurations. One thing in particular I feel I contributed to was developing the shelves for the thumb and forefinger on the 12mm large jaw device handle. Many designers worked on these devices before and after me.
There are two main categories to the work below; work I did on the handle for 5mm shaft devices, and work I did on the handle for the 12mm shaft device.
5mm Devices
Three main concept directions I created CAD and physical models of under the direction of a lead designer:
The steps for use of this device are: first clamp down on the tissue, second, activate energy to seal, third, pull the cut lever, and fourth, release the jaw clamp.
12mm Device

I created many robust models with moving parts and springs so that handle shapes and control configurations could be evaluated.

CV hauling in Alias.

A rendering I created while working on the project.

The devices can be viewed on the company's website here:
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