A suction and irrigation device used to flush and vacuum in surgeries.
I worked on this device in 2014 while interning at Ethicon. I iterated a lot on the knob, and made models to iterate on handle and button refinements. Many designers worked on this before and after me.
To view the device on the companies website, please follow the link below:

This is the point of the project that I came in at. A designer had me remove the buttons from the front and put them on the top. I did some minor adjustments to the Alias model, and then did most of the other work in Solidworks.

Detailing in Solidworks for 3D printing semi functional models.

Iterating on button shape and such.

The knob needed to be able to be pushed and pulled in addition to being able to rotate. The pushing and pulling covers and uncovers the cauterizing tip of the device.

A rendering I created of several knob concepts.

The patent for this device can be viewed here:
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