The following is some work from when I interned at Klim in 2016.
Backpack Sketches
While at Klim I did a lot of iterating for a backpack. Most of the ideation was through sketching, but I also did some physical small detail ideating using the sewing machines and such in the warranty repair room, which was cool.
Helmet visor
This visor was designed and sculpted out of clay by a designer at Klim. I surfaced over the scanned underlay in Rhino.
Helmet Air Hose Attachment
This is a piece of a helmet that allows for the attachment of an air hose. Air blows in through the top, and down into the helmet to keep dust out while driving side by sides and such. 
A designer at Klim designed this, sculpted it out of clay, and got it scanned. I imported the scan into Solidworks and used it as an underlay to make a CAD model of it. I fitted the CAD model to the CAD of the helmet it was for. I didn't CAD model the helmet, just the air hose connector on the top.
The air helmet can be viewed here on the companies website:
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